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Multi-line Radial Lubricator is a device meant to discharge metered amount of oil grease from different plunger pumps housed in a common body. Each plunger pump delivers oil grease at a high pressure to the lubrication point independently.

Multi-line Radial Lubricator comprises of a single pumping station having a number of pump-element assemblies placed radially and fitted onto the outer periphery of the housing. These pump elements are actuated by a cam which is rotated by a speed reduction drive coupled to an electric motor.

The dose-cycle of the pump-element is adjustable. Thus multiline lubricator can have pump- elements ejecting different dose cycle.

The dose cycle can also be adjusted 'in-situ' by an adjusting screw provided in each pump-element.

Reservoir stores the oil grease. It is provided with a reflector plate which continuously stirs the grease during rotation of cam. For filling grease into the reservoir, a port in the front side of the housing is provided.

The system is meant for continuous running. However, these types of lubricators run intermittently through controller where ON time is a parameter for running the lubricator while OFF time is idle.

MODEL RL-1.5-4 RL-5-6 RL-10-12 RL-15-20 RL-70-30

Reservoir Capacity-Litres

1.5 5 10 15 70
Number of Outlets (Pump Elements) 4 6 12 20 30
Delivery, Pressure-kg/cm2 200 Max.
Dose of Pump/cycle (adjustable)-cc

0.05 to 0.25 (max. 5 gm/minute)
per pump element

Reduction Ratio of Drive


Power of Motor- HP 3 Phase, 415 volt, AC 4 Pole 0.16 0.25 0.50 1.00 1.50
Overall Size-mm L 400 440 600 650 800
Overall Size-mm W 250 310 350 380 500
Overall Size-mm H 400 480 650 805 1140