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Multi-line Lubricators are also supplied in horizontal version i.e., the reservoir is of rectangular shape and the pump elements are all in one line on the nice of the rectangular body. There are few cams inside the reservoir lich operates 2 plungers with to one cam. The speed of the cam is determined by the motorised gear box attached to the shaft on which cams are fitted. Normally the R.P.M is kept between 20-80. On each rotation of shaft, 2 plungers eject out oil grease.

In case the output shaft is not coupled with the geared motor, it can be actuated with the help of chain coupled with the rotating motion of machine of with manual handle.

The advantages of this type of Horizontal Axial Lubricator are given below :

a) Very simple for maintenance.

b) Can be attached with the machine drive directly.

c) The noise level is very low.

d) The churning of grease is very uniform which makes the grease flowable.

e) It is equally suitable for oil lubrication.

f) Compact in size with respect to vertical type Radial Lubricator.

g) For high capacity of grease/oil additions cylindrical reservoir can be attached.

These Cenlub Lubricators are available in following sizes:

MODEL AL-4-4 AL-8-8 AL-15-16
Reservoir capacity - Ltrs 4 8 15
No. of outlets (Pump Elements) 4 8 16
Delivery pressure-kg/cm2

200 Max.

Dose of pump/cycle (adjustable)-cc per pump element

0.05 to 0.25 (max. 5 gm/minute)

Reduction Ratio of Drive

Normally 30 unless otherwise specified

Power of Motor-Hp, 3 Phase 415 V, AC, 4 Pole 0.25 0.50 1.0