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Following optional accessories may be incorporated in the system, if desired :


Mechanism for minimum and maximum grease level sensing through tell tale rod and limit switch.

STIRRER (Reflector Plate)

For oil/grease of 00 consistency no stirrer is required Also in case of thick grease upto NLGI-II with the help of stirrer grease becomes flowable and homogeneous. This stirrer is mounted on the cam.


As these pumps are of high rating, normally upto 200 kg/cm2 no relief valve is necessary. In order to safeguard the pumps from overloading relief valve can be provided in the individual lubrication line.


It is advisable to put filter for grease/oil. This filter shall be of higher pressure rating in each lubrication line. For grease its filtration rating is 120-160 micron, while for oil rating is 25-40 micron.


For filling the grease in the reservoir it is must to have grease filling pump which directly sucks the grease from the barrel and fills it into reservoir of the lubricator.


For Sensing individual pressure in the lubrication line, it is recommended to use pressure switch for each line, coming out from the lubricator. In case of blocking of any line, pressure switch shall give command.


If the number of lubrication points on the machine are many, then each plunger pump can be used to cater lubricant to no. of lubricant points, using progressive block (flow divider) in lubrication line.


For proper operation of lubricators mentioned above, a control panel is necessary and supplied optionally As explained above, these lubricators are rated for continuous running but generally operated intermittently either in manual or in automatic mode The discharge of lubrication point in automatic is governed through a timer. ON time of which is running time of lubricator while OFF time is idle. Necessary switch gear items like push buttons, contactors, protection devices for motor along with audio Visual indications for faults like motor over load, high pressure in individual delivery line, low oil/grease level etc. are provided in control panel. An auto/manual selector is also provided to operate lubricator manually through start/stop push buttons. The control panel is in a cabinet form and can be mounted conveniently near lubricator