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This system consists of reservoir of S.S. (non corrosive) of 800-1000 litres capacity, 40 LPM pump

immersed in oil (emulsion) while all accessories like relief valve, pressure switch are externally mounted

with control panel on the cover of reservoir.

The medium used is mixture of emulsion (Graphite + Water) which itself acts as stirring agent and a homogeneous mix is obtained during the running operation. This mixture gets discharged into the nozzle. Due to, to & fro movement of pneumatic piston, pressurised air also simultaneously get forced into the nozzles attached with piston of cylinder resulting in fine spray.

This spray will occur when the dies are in open position. Hence, the movement of upper & lower cavity of dies has to be synchronised accordingly. The cycle of die opening & closing synchronises with the movement of cylinder carrying nozzles.

This system has a wide usage in injection dies, heavy duty rubber moulding, heavy duty presses, spraying on sheets, cold forging machines.