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Single Shot Centralised Lubrication System for MACHINE/MACHINE TOOLS is an efficient and safe method for a predetermined amount of oil to be delivered at various lubrication points of a Machine/Equipment from a centralised source. It is a TOTAL LOSS SYSTEM and does not require any return line for collection of used OIL.



  • Appropriate Oil Consumption
  • Variable Oil Dosages
  • Enhanced Machine Life
  • Elimination of Human Error
  • Increased Reliability
  • Increased Production
  • Low Noise Level
  • Less Power Consumption
  • Less Wear & Tear
  • SAFE, No Need to stop M/c
  • Reduced Spares/Inventory Costs
  • Overall Increased Profitability
Basically the system comprises of five elements.
  • PUMP – A central source of Oil Pressure in Lubrication Line.

  • METERING CARTRIDGES – A MINI-Cylinder with Check Valve, where stroke of Piston determines amount of dispensed Oil. Designed for Intermittent operation by pressurising & de-pressurising of LUB Line.

  • MANIFOLDS – Steel Blocks for mounting Metering Cartridges and for Main line distribution.

  • TUBINGS & FITTINGS – Available for transmitting OIL in main and secondary line.

  • TIMERS & CONTROLLERS – High performance Solid State Instrument for Automatic Control & Monitoring of Motorised Centralised Lubrication Units.


  • Machine Tools
  • Packaging Equipments
  • Textile M/cs
  • Presses & Hammers
  • Pulp & Paper Processing M/cs
  • Food Processing Equipments
  • Cement Plants
  • Pharmaceuticals M/cs
  • Mining & Const. Equipments
  • Metal Forming M/cs
  • Printing M/cs
  • Calendering M/cs
  • Injection/Blow Moulding M/cs
  • Shearing & Press Brakes
  • Sugar Plants
  • Rubber Mixing M/cs
  • Earthmoving & Mining
  • Sheet Metal Working M/cs
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Die Casting M/cs Equipments