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This is a lubricating device meant for ejecting established amount of grease on each full stroke of handle.

On pushing handle of pump, grease is ejected out from the outlet of the pump under pressure. On pulling the handle, suction port of the cylinder gets filled with the grease. Spring pressure through follower plate exerted over the top surface of the grease (filled in the reservoir) further helps to push the grease in the suction port.

Pump has its own reservoir for storage of grease. It has transparent acrylic reservoir. Grease can be filled into the reservoir either by opening top lid or through the filling port provided at the side of the body. Pump has wall mounted construction.

To check reverse flow of grease, a non return valve is put in the system at the outlet port.

Outlet port size : 1/4" BSP

Model Reservoir Capacity in Kg Discharge of Grease per stroke in Gms Maximum Pressure if Grease in Kg/Cm2 Size L x W x H in mm
GP-15-6 1.5 6 150 165 x 140 x 365